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Cowhide is durable, wipeable and has a low possibility of having scars/markings. Lambskin is smoother than cowhide, is wipeable, and prone to having scars/markings. Deerskin is very soft, rustic, NOT wipeable, WILL HAVE scars, and the coloring throughout the same hide is uneven.
Dark Camo Cowhide
Camo Cowhide
Kelly Green Cowhide
Lagoon Green European Cowhide
Lime Green Cowhide
Jade Green Cowhide
Pearlized Sage Lambskin
Robin Egg Cowhide
Aqua Cowhide
Light Turquoise Lamb-touch Cowhide
Turquoise Deerskin
Dark Turquoise Cowhide
Baby Blue Cowhide
Aero Cowhide
Sky Blue Cowhide
Honda Blue Cowhide
Royal Blue Lambskin
Navy Blue Cowhide
Light Gray Cowhide
Black Cowhide
Black CowSide (very soft)
Pearlized White Lambskin
Pearlized Beige Lambskin
Pale Yellow Cowhide
Braintan Deerskin
Butter Yellow Cowhide
Golden Deerskin
Mustard Yellow Cowhide
Orange Cowhide
Saddle Deerskin
Saddle Cowhide
Chocolate Milk Cowhide
Cognac CowSide (very soft)
Merlot Cowhide
Red Lambskin
Red Cowhide
Raspberry Cowhide
Fuchsia Lambskin
Fuchsia Cowhide
Tulip Cowhide
Deep Sea Coral Cowhide
Pearlized Lipgloss Lambskin
Light Rose Lamb-touch Cowhide
Blush Pink Cowhide
Pearlized Light Pink Lambskin
Light Purple Lambskin
Lavender Cowhide
Purple Cowhide
Dark Purple Cowhide
All Same Color Ribbons (matching leather)
Shades Of a Color Ribbons (matching leather)
Multiple Color Ribbons (contrasting leather)
No Ribbons
Raised Bands
NO Raised Bands
Cost is $25 per book.
Crystal (+$25.00)
NO Crystal
Wrap Around Snap Cover (+$25.00)
NO Wrap Around Cover
Please Select The Embossing Color You Want For The Book Titles On The Spine & Name On The Front Cover.
Please Select The Embossing Font Type You Want For Your Name On The Front Cover.
Type “None” If You DON’T Want A Name Included On The Cover.
If You Are Purchasing A 2 or 3 Book Set, Keep In Mind That ALL Books Will Be Stamped With Your Selected Stamp.
Holy Scriptures Stamp (Not Available On Reference Book)
Tree Stamp
Oak Leaf Stamp
Maple Leaf Stamp
SLC Temple Stamp
NO Stamps
Would you like to include your Patriarchal Blessing? Or have another request? Just write it here, we will get in touch with you if needed.
I understand that because real animal hides are being used, there may be markings on the leather (scratches/scars). We do our best to place these markings on the spine or on the back of the book where they are less noticeable. We will not rebuild a book based on the leather markings. Cowhide has a low possibility for markings, lambskin may have markings, but deerskin will most likely have markings. Deerskin is also prone to dye unevenly, so there may be areas where the dye takes on darker/lighter than other parts.
I understand that once my order has been placed, I CANNOT request a refund since the bookbinders have already begun the process of working on my custom order.
Shipping is $20/order. Pick-up will be either in Lehi or Alpine, UT. We will let you know the address when your order is ready.
Your finished book(s) will be ready for shipping/pickup 6-7 weeks after your order is placed. You are placing an order for a hand-bound custom book.
We are having trouble with our CC system. Please use code "PAYLATER" and your balance will go to $0. We will contact you for payment.
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