Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost If You Provide The Book?

At this time, we do not provide the book. If you would like to order new scriptures, we ask that you order them from the church’s distribution center and have them shipped to us.

How Long Does It Take?

Our turnaround time is 5-6 weeks. That is from the time we receive your scriptures until they are returned to you.

Do You Have A Physical Store? Where Are You Located?

We do not have a physical store at this time. We work from our homes, but we have people who are able to meet with customers in Lehi, UT and Gilbert, AZ.

What Makes A Hand-Bound Book Stronger?

We use top of the line materials. The glue we use is incredibly strong, it would be very difficult to make it come apart, in addition we reinforce the spine of the book with additional sewing so that the book is much stronger.

Does The Embossing Cost Extra?

To add your name to the book does not cost any extra.

We do charge $5 extra to add “Holy Scriptures”, the tree of life, or a leaf.

Can You Do A Wrap Around Cover?

Yes! We have done many of them.

Can I Drop Off My Scriptures Or Do I Have To Ship Them To You?

We can schedule an appointment and have you drop off your scriptures if you’re in Utah

Is There A Cost Difference With The Different Leathers Or Colors?

Everything we have in stock is included in the price except for our exotic leathers which are the Bison and the Deerskin.  Any special-order leather would incur a stocking fee.

Can You Repair Torn Pages?

Yes! We can repair torn pages, sections or pages falling out, broken spines, etc. Depending on the extent of repair we may need to charge extra to cover our binder’s time.

What Is The Difference Between A Genuine Leather Cover & A Full-Grain Leather Cover?

Genuine leather means the leather has been ground and put back together so that it’s perfectly smooth. 

Full-grain leather means that it is the animal hide directly from the animal, there may be markings (think scars) on the leather.

Are Blank Pages Extra? How Many Blank Pages Can I Add?

We include 5 blank pages with each book. If you would like to add extra blank pages it’s $2/page. You can add many blank pages, however when you add more than 20, it begins to make the book harder to open.

Do You Bind Other Books, Or Just Scriptures Only?

We bind many kinds of books!  We mostly specialize in the scriptures, but we have bound journals, story books & extra large scriptures, among many others.

Why Do They Cost So Much?

Our products are completely hand bound which means that in every step of the book making process someone is there physically doing the work. We also use top quality materials and our leathers come from real animal hides. Our binders have trained for 3+ months in order to become proficient, it is not an easy process, and therefore it takes a long time to perfect the skills required.

What Do You Do To The Book?

When we receive a book to bind we first remove the old cover and all the glue and residue from the spine. 

Work on the book itself: We then fix any pages or sections that may be falling out, we divide the book, and add any documents requested. We then begin the spine work, we add reinforcement to the spine so that the book is much stronger.  We then add ribbons, headbands, hinge fabric which allows the front and back cover to open, a tube which allows the book to open flat on a surface, and lastly we add the end sheets which allow us to attach the book to the cover. 

Work on the cover: Once the book part is done we start building a brand new cover. We measure and cut the front and back book-board, and we build the spine with the bands. We then cut the leather to size and skive the edges of the leather so that it is a smooth transition to the rest of the book. We then glue the boards onto the leather, and fold the edges of the leather in to make the cover.

Last steps: Once the book and the cover are finished it is time to emboss the cover. Once the embossing is done we then attach the book together and let it sit in a special press for about a day (so that all the glues dry completely).  Once all this process is done, the book goes to shipping or to be ready for pick up.

How Long Will They Last?

Our books should last for many years. We ask that you be careful and not carry your book in a bag with many other things in it. If you keep your book on a flat surface like a desk or a nightstand, your book should last for a very, very long time.

Does It Cost Extra For Additional Documents?

Yes, you can add any document you would like, we charge $10 per document.

How Much Is It To Add A Crystal?

It is $25 per crystal.