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Cowhide is durable, wipeable, and has a low possibility of having scars/markings. Lambskin is smoother than cowhide, is wipeable, and prone to having scars/markings. Deerskin is very soft, rustic, NOT wipeable, WILL HAVE scars, and the coloring throughout the same hide is uneven.
Dark Camo Cowhide
Kelly Green Cowhide
Lagoon Green European Cowhide
Lime Green Cowhide
Lime Green Lamb-touch Cowhide
Jade Green Cowhide
Pearlized Sage Lambskin
Robin Egg Cowhide
Aqua Cowhide
Light Turquoise Lamb-touch Cowhide
Turquoise Goatskin
Turquoise Lamb-touch Cowhide
Dark Turquoise Cowhide
Baby Blue Cowhide
Aero Cowhide
Sky Blue Cowhide
Honda Blue Cowhide
Royal Blue Lambskin
Royal Blue Lamb-touch Cowhide
Navy Blue Cowhide
Pearlized Midnight Lambskin
Light Gray Cowhide
Black Cowhide
Black CowSide (very soft)
Black Lambskin
White Cowhide
Pearlized White Lambskin
Pearlized Beige Lambskin
Pale Yellow Cowhide
Braintan Deerskin
Yellow Lamb-touch Cowhide
Butter Yellow Cowhide
Golden Deerskin
Mustard Yellow Cowhide
Orange Cowhide
Luggage Lamb-touch Cowhide
Saddle Deerskin
Saddle Cowhide
Chestnut Lambskin
Chocolate Milk Cowhide
Cognac CowSide (very soft)
Walnut Lambskin
Wine Lambskin
Merlot Cowhide
Red Lambskin
Red Cowhide
Raspberry Cowhide
Fuchsia Lambskin
Fuchsia Lamb-touch Cowhide
Fuchsia Cowhide
Tulip Cowhide
Coral Cowhide
Pearlized Lipgloss Lambskin
Light Rose Lamb-touch Cowhide
Blush Pink Cowhide
Pearlized Light Pink Lambskin
Light Pink Lambskin (not pearlized)
Pink Lamb-touch Cowhide
Lilac Lambskin
Violet Lamb-touch Cowhide
Lavender Cowhide
Purple Cowhide
Dark Purple Cowhide