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Cowhide is durable, wipeable, and has a low possibility of having scars/markings. Lamb-touch cowhide is a cowhide that is finished as a lambskin. Durable, wipeable, soft, and has a low possibility of scars/markings. Lambskin is smoother than cowhide, is wipeable, and prone to having scars/markings. Deerskin is very soft, rustic, NOT wipeable, WILL HAVE scars, and the coloring throughout the same hide is uneven.
Dark Camo Cowhide
Kelly Green Cowhide
Lime Green Lamb-touch Cowhide
Jade Green Cowhide
Pearlized Sage Lambskin
Robin Egg Cowhide
Baby Blue Lamb-touch Cowhide
Turquoise Lamb-touch Cowhide
Dark Turquoise Cowhide
Baby Blue Cowhide
Aero Cowhide
Sky Blue Cowhide
Royal Blue Lambskin
Royal Blue Lamb-touch Cowhide
Navy Blue Cowhide
Pearlized Midnight Lambskin
Light Gray Cowhide
Black Cowhide
Black Lambskin
Pearlized White Lambskin
Pearlized Beige Lambskin
Braintan Deerskin
Yellow Lamb-touch Cowhide
Butter Yellow Cowhide
Golden Deerskin
Luggage Lamb-touch Cowhide
Saddle Deerskin
Saddle Cowhide
Chestnut Lambskin
Walnut Lambskin
Wine Lambskin
Merlot Cowhide
Red Lambskin
Red Cowhide
Raspberry Cowhide
Fuchsia Lamb-touch Cowhide
Fuchsia Cowhide
Tulip Cowhide
Coral Cowhide
Pearlized Lipgloss Lambskin
Rose Lamb-touch Cowhide
Blush Pink Cowhide
Pearlized Pink Lambskin
Pink Lambskin (not pearlized)
Pink Lamb-touch Cowhide
Lilac Lambskin
Violet Lamb-touch Cowhide
Lavender Cowhide
Purple Cowhide
Dark Purple Cowhide
Metallic Pink Cowhide
Metallic Hot Pink Cowhide
Metallic Purple Cowhide
Metallic Turquoise Cowhide
Metallic Blue Cowhide