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Alpine Custom Bookbinding

Hand-bound new or used scriptures and books

Pre-Built Scriptures

These scriptures are partially pre-made. Perfect for children, missionaries, or a quick gift!


  • NEW scriptures only
  • Configurations available:
      • Pocket size Scriptures
      • Hardcover Book of Mormon
      • Traditional scripture configurations (Triple, Holy Bible & Quad Combinations)
      • Joural Edition Scriptures

  • Built with the same hand-bound quality of all our custom books
  • 8-20 FULL-GRAIN leather colors to choose from (depending on configuration)
  • They can be ready in as little as a few days and up to 3 weeks depending on availabilty
  • Deeply discounted compared to the custom scriptures because we’re able to build them much more quickly without the customizations.
  • Ribbons, and personilized embossing included in pricing.
  • Hand-paint designs available on Pocket and Hardcover books
  • Traditional scriptures available in Regular and Large print

Custom Scriptures & Books

We can customize these scriptures (or books) to just about anything you want! We have our most popular configurations listed, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just send us a message!


  • NEW & USED scriptures and books (we can bind any book!)
  • 14+ configurations to choose from, or contact us to create your own
  • Divide your book into multiple books or consolidate two books into one
  • Built completely by hand – Your book will be stronger than when it was new
  • 50+ FULL-GRAIN leather colors to choose from
  • 15 embossing colors to choose from
  • Ribbons, raised bands and personalized embossing included in pricing
  • Add church proclamations, or personal documents such as patriarchal blessings or favorite talks to the binding of your book
  • Add a crystal to the spine of the book
  • Add a leaf, SLC, Timpanogos or Navoo temple, tree of life, beehive or your initials to the book
  • Have a special request? Let us know!
  • Curved spine? We can fix that!
  • Lead time can vary, but it’s usually about 6-7 weeks

Leather Samples

Free Samples!

Want to see the leathers in person?

Order some samples. We’ll send them for free.

Gift Certificates

Give your loved one the joy of picking their own leather, ribbons, configuration and more! Order any amount. We’ll send you a PDF and/or mail you a hard copy to give to your loved one!

Contact Us

Please be patient as Maria is the only one responding to all messages.

We are usually available MWF from 10am-4pm (CLOSED T/TH)


(385) 230-6667

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We work from home. We are located in South Lehi, near Main Street.

Please contact us for an appointment if you’d like to come in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where are you located? Can I come in to look at leathers? – We are located in Lehi, UT. We work from home and so we don’t like to make our address public. We do require an appointment before you come. Please TEXT US for an appointment.
  • Can you rebind my current scriptures/book? – YES!! Please text us pictures of your book and let us know the measurement of the book(s). 
  • My scriptures have come apart from the binding, I don’t want a new cover. Can you fix that? – YES! Please text us pictures of your book.
  • Can you fix old books like an Old Family Bible, or Children’s books, or books that are over 100 years old? – YES!! We have an amazing rare-book restoration team who specialize in this type of detailed work. In order to get a quote please text us pictures of your book at the number above.
  • Where do I mail my book? – We like to have an order in place before you send your book. Once you place your order, you will receive an email confirmation with instructions on where to drop off or mail your book.
  • What is a Pre-Built book? – These are NEW books that are partially already built. They are deeply discounted from our custom line because we can build them much more quickly than custom books. They are only offered in 8 color options and they are available to ship/pickup within 3 weeks or less.
  • What is your current wait time? – Currently we’re about 6-7 weeks out on custom orders. Pre-built orders could be ready in 3 weeks or less. If you need it in less than 2 weeks, please text us to check availability (for pre-built scriptures only).

What Our Clients Are Saying

AAAHHHHHHHH I am sooooo sooo soooo excited!! These look wonderful!! These books are truly one of my most prized possessions and they look amazing and so much more solid. I am so glad that I split them. I love having the two smaller books. I love the more stable cover and the beautiful leather but still my markings and memories and pages inside. This is truly a work that is close to my heart. Please tell all of your team thank you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


- Heidi N.

August 2022

Alpine Custom Bookbinding has a very special place in my heart. Had a set of scriptures that meant the world to me that were falling apart. Alpine Custom Bookbinding put them back together and I couldn’t have been more pleased with their work. Very fairly priced, kind, and great to work with. I would strongly recommend this company to anyone.

- John L.

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Custom Made

We Take Custom Orders!

Hand made

Could we mechanize? Of course. However, by building each book one at a time, completely by hand, we maintain an attention to detail that’s difficult to achieve by machine. In this age of technology and mechanization, it’s refreshing to see products built by hand.

Top Quality

In addition to “minding the details” of each book we build, we use only the highest quality leather, binding materials, and adhesives. This results in a binding that has longevity of service commensurate with the book’s sacred contents. Your precious scriptures may just become a family heirloom.

Custom Artistry

Our hand-crafted quality is augmented with the ability to customize each book according to the way you enjoy studying the scriptures. Yes, we have a few popular arrangements you might like, but if you have something unique in mind, we can make it a reality.

The scriptures are Holy and Sacred. Although our bindings may add a sense of personalization, we know it is the pages between the covers that brings the reader the life-changing truths of the Gospel. Our mission is to assist in some small way in that process.

Our Story

Our company started as a hobby in 1995. Steve Rasmussen, our “Pops” and founder, learned the craft and began binding books for fun. By word-of-mouth, the demand for custom, hand-bound leather books grew. Eventually, he enlisted the help of family members and others who expressed an interest in contributing to the company. We’ve been blessed to interact with customers from around the world. We love what we do!

Hours of Operation

We are generally available MWF from 10 am to 4 pm (Closed T/TH)


An appointment MUST be made in advance.

We work from our homes. For our privacy we do not post the address. We are located in Lehi, UT.